Ivor Knafelj aka. Plueg is GBTM rec. "in house" producer, recording and mixing engineer. He has worked as a producer, mixer, recordist and mastering engineer on almost every release on the label. Plueg is also studio manager of our non-commercial GBTM recording facilities.

Years back, Plueg was also the name of a 6 peace collective, post rock / noise rock band, where Ivor played one of two guitars, which later became his own solo project. Due to helping others record and release their music, his solo project still hovers on many of the studios backup disks, just waiting to be released.

You can walk through Plueg's portfolio/showreel here!

He worked on:

Plueg / Štefan Kovač Marko banda, split CD, (2004, GBTM rec.)

Y: Germ, EP (2006, GBTM rec.)

Štefan Kovač Marko banda: Šamar - Janka, CD (2008, GBTM rec.)

Hexenbrutal: Think of me as a friend, CD (2009, GBTM rec.)

Mlada Beltinska banda: Špilaj!, CD (2009, GBTM rec.)

Stekli Psi: Koga briga!, CD (2010, GBTM rec.)

Štefan Kovač Marko Banda: LIVE Izštekani VAL 202, CD in DVD (2010, GBTM rec.)

Wrong: Mysterious sleeping flyer, CD (2011, GBTM rec.)

Štefan Kovač Marko Banda: Rdeči, CD, Vinyl (2011, GBTM rec.)

Y: Blessing Alarm, CD (2011, GBTM rec.)

The Canyon Observer: Chapter I: The Current Of Her Ocean Brings Me To My Kness CD (2011, Kapa records)

Stekli Psi: Čista vejst (2012, GBTM rec.)

The Canyon Observer: Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free CD (2012, Kapa records)

Werefox: I am memory CD (2013, GBTM rec.)

Hexenbrutal: Giant CD (2013, GBTM rec.)

Kleemar / Trus!: Banana Split LP (2013, GBTM rec., Moonlee records)

Eyecontact: Big Mean Machine, CD (2014, GBTM rec.)

Odpisani: Šah Mat, CD (2014, GBTM rec.)

Štefan Kovač Marko Banda: Panontikon, CD, Vinyl (2014, GBTM rec., Kapa records)

Hexenbrutal Trio: selftitled CD (2015, GBTM rec.)

DzeZZva: Live from the hidden courtyard (2016, self released)