Y is a three-piece band from the northeastern part of Slovenia, who formed in 2004. Their style of music is hard to categorize and describe – it incorporates elements of math and post rock, metal, psychedelia and ambiental into their sound.

In past 7 years Y played a lot of live shows, toured Slovenia a couple of times, toured ex-Yugoslavia with The Canyon Observer, played in the well known club Porgy & Bess in Vienna, an open air concert at the event: Simulation of the Future Traffic, their range of different stages spreads from jazz clubs to the festival of nature and music in the Triglav National Park.

During this time they released the EP »Germ« for the label God Bless This Mess Records (http://yband.bandcamp.com/album/germ-2006) and collaborated with the young electronic artist Neuf Meuf (http://yband.bandcamp.com/album/y-neuf-meuf-2007). They also took part in the Club Marathon of the Radio Študent student radio (http://www.radiostudent.si/klubskimaraton).

Last year they released their first official album »Blessing Alarm«, also for God Bless This Mess records (http://yband.bandcamp.com/album/blessing-alarm-2011).

Old grandma’s alarm clock on the cover, set to 10:10h and with the alarm set to 6:00h recalls that we're dealing with the band Y. The band offers something new in the sound space, formed by the guitar, bass and drum, which, incidentally, is the classic, purely instrumental rock trio. Their music moves between post- and math- rock, ambient, progressive metal and similar genres. Jazz influences are not negligible, although in their case without improvisations, but merely a clear focus, carefully studied and consistently realized ideas.

They don't build so much on the virtuosity of the members or specially highlighting the role of the individual instruments as much as teamwork and harmony. This is reflected in a compact sound, characterised by typically structured songs. Slow, calm ambiental openings, become hard, noisy, dynamic highlights, in which they fully reveal all of their creativity and potential!

Y are:
Andrej Glažar - bass
Bojan Varga - drums
Marko Borko – guitar